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The Montessori philosophy provides the child with a varied program, which will help the child to develop into a well rounded individual Ryevale Montessori & Day Care has a fully equipped Montessori class room and an out door play area. Our Class environment ensures each child is taught on a one to one basis at their own pace. Every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment and allowed to develop naturally at their own pace

The Practial Life area of a classroom is an extension of your child's own home enviroment. Its aims are to develop the child's independence, intelligence, concentration, co-ordination, control, motor skills, social skills and self-discipline. The Practical Like exercises are broken down into four areas: Elementary Movements, Care of the Person, Care of the Environment & Social Skills

Sensorial exercises are for the development and refreshment of the child's five senses, thereby sharpening their intellect and control preparing them for more advanced exercises in maths, language.

Language is involved in every aspect of the Montessori environment from Practical life to Sensorial but it is also introduced through a step-by-step programme starting with the Sandpaper Letters. Each child will be introduced to sounds and words developing their reading and writing skills. Exercises includes, the Large Moveable Alphabet, Object and Word Boxes, Sentence Strips.

Maths is introduced the child in an indirect way through the study of form, quantity, sorting, exercises in practical life and Sensorial materials which leads on to the introduction of the value and recognition numbers.

Culture is made up of History, Geography, Science. Nature. These subjects increase their knowledge of the world around us. They learn about changes and life cycles in life and nature and teach them ecology and aspects of different cultures. Extra activities include Art & Crafts: Cooking, out door play area and Music Tots which is a optional extra charge

Following the concentration and hard work required of the Montessori classes in the morning, activities in the afternoon are more relaxed. We have a variety of equipment available for the children to play with. Their group leaders encourage the children to play independently and to use their imagination during playtime. Some of our afternoon activities include cooking, play dough fun, out door play, sand and water play, dressing up, lego, cars, dinosaurs, home corner and playing with dolls.

Toddler Class

Our toddler room caters for young children at the walking stage of their development. A young child's development is enhanced through play. Play is child's work, it is a child's way of learning.

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Montessori Class

Fully equipped Montessori class room and an out door play area. Our Class environment ensures each child is taught on a one to one basis at their own pace.

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After School Class

We provide an after school service for children from the local primary schools, some of whom have been in our Montessori classes. We bring children to school and collect them in the afternoon.

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